why is the boh visitor centre sustainable

We often asked ourselves what makes green building or why do we regard Boh to be a sustainable project. In all respects, it is a humble building with no marbled floor, elaborate lighting, or fancy shape and award winning iconic form. Stretching over 100 m long, it weaves through 50 year old trees, and kept the business going during it’s tenure under construction. All of the materials used came from within 5 km of it’s location, the wood, the metal foundry, the humble taps and light fittings, and glazing. Today, after nearly eight years of operations, it looked as good as when we first gave vacant possession to the owner. Clean, fresh, vibrant. No major refurbishment to date, except for replacing some tired floors in the terraces, and reprinting worm metal frames, or treating the rust appearing in some remote corners of the metal window which originally had micaceous iron oxide anti rust coatings. Much later, we also added new chairs, and the fans survived any ACMV or need for mechanised ventilation. The AV room still looked tired, we need an idea there soon. A tree has fallen in front off the building, the one nearest the building has had branches pruned and cut to prevent any untoward accidental collapse of the branches into the roof. We have nevertheless built an internal lattice system which acts as a safety net, within the roof structure, to capture falling branches to a specified weight. We speculate some glass inserts might have had to be replaced, as today they all looked brand new, shiny clean and clear. This is a case of a very well looked after building, by very aware clients or enlightened owners. That is the true sense of sustainability of the project, that it has earned upkeep, meticulous attention and a privileged maintenance regime from the owners. Another key sustainability feature of the building is that it has not undergone ANY renovation or extensions to date. even though the traffic is increasing every year, I was informed this is something like 15,000 visitors a month. Some new signage and graphical elements have been added, and we don’t recommend them to be correctly designed, but it does seem client and building have interested with each other. Over time the Boh visitor centre has increased it’s value both in terms of it’s benefits to the owner as well as it’s attraction to public.

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