retail wall


The shelves dividing the public area for circulation from the retail lots are made from metalled frame, finished in micaceous oxide primer, and has sheeting plates painted a dark dull grey finish, and these are hand galvanised. The glass inserts within this design provide the necessary functions, but they retain a transparent view into the shops from the public areas. The random pattern create an interesting way to view the products from outside of the shops, and act as if they were works of art. This wall runs along the entire depth of the retail centre, giving much area for display of merchandise and goods from BOH large collection of packed teas. The combination of metal work and a wooden facade together with a rustic timber floor give the genealogy of the project an interesting sustainable base materiality and a maintenance free finishing. Up until today the project has benefitted from careful upkeep and housekeeping, all the elements seemed to have aged very nicely and preserved a very straightforward interior and ambience without any need for decorative or exorbitant materials and finishing, the slight wear and tear added to the character of the building. With time we hope the building advances itself aesthetically looking better over the years since it’s operations and inception in 2006.

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